Our story


Welcome to Texas Snow Y'all!

We were born and raised in Texas, grew up in Johnson County, and absolutely love all things Texas. YEE-Haw! 


At Texas Snow were aimin' to serve up the very best shaved ice y'all have ever tasted! Rather your hankerin' for a traditional favorite or something new your in for a treat! 


All of our flavors have been carefully selected by our team of highly skilled taste-testers. Folks come from miles around to get a Texas Snow shaved ice. We have recipes like El Paso Sunrise, Jalapeno-Pineapple & our house special Texas Snow. These were specially developed by our team with you in mind.


Oh yeah, when you stop by if you just can't decide ask for a "sugar shot" and test a few flavors for yourself. 


We look forward to meeting ya soon! 


Tony & Amy 👢

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